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What is Zen Club?

I started Zen Club when I saw the benefits that mindfulness, breathwork, stretching, yoga and visualisation could have on a person's mental health and wellbeing.


Our children are wise. They want to work with crystals, meditate and create harmony in their bodies. Zen Club offers them tools and insights into their own minds and hearts to unlock their full potential and live a joyous, relaxed life. 


Come and try for yourself!

The benefits of Zen Club


Brain Science

Yoga has proven benefits. It can improve concentration and memory in children and can help to build motor skills and balance.

The stretches and positions we combine can boost a child's mental health and wellbeing, teaching them to deal with stress in a healthy way. 

Combining our meditation and visualisation techniques can lower stress and anxiety and lead to a calmer mind and a great feeling of wellbeing.


Meet the Inner Self

Through an exploration of me, my body, my emotions, my spirit, we can learn to listen to the wise inner voice inside. We work to understand what is true and right for us and to deepen the connection to our spirit through mindfulness and creative visualisations.


Learning coping strategies

During sessions we will explore different ways to cope with stress and anxiety and promote joy and positivity. We focus on the power of gratitude and how we can regulate our own body chemistry.

Controlled, conscious breathing can decrease anxiety, help to manage pain and discomfort, aid in the balancing of unpleasant thoughts and emotions, and even help fight inflammation that can lead to disease.

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